OEM Take Offs


A new takeoff is a factory OEM wheel and tire that was removed from a brand new vehicle so that it can get custom wheels and tires. See our video below for more information.

What are new takeoffs? - Check out our YouTube video on new takeoffs.

We get most of our new takeoffs from conversion facilities all over the country. The truck manufacturing plants ship these trucks directly to the conversion facilities where the wheels and tires are taken off. The trucks then have lift kits installed and aftermarket wheels and tires as part of customizing the trucks before they are sold.  Our new takeoffs are driven onto a car hauler, off a car hauler, and into a shop where those wheels and tires are taken off putting less than a mile on these wheels and tires! These conversion facilities can push out 50 or more trucks a month and we are able to purchase trailer loads of these takeoffs at a time. This gives us the best deal possible that we can pass on to you.

This is how we can sell our new takeoff wheel and tire packages for the same cost of getting new tires. We have a wide range of GMC, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep and Ford new takeoff wheels and tires that can often compete with the prices or buying a new set of tires from your local tire shop.  

We mainly offer these as wheel and tire packages only because we do not take the tires off the wheels, leaving the factory balance on the tires. We are able to change out the sensors using our tire equipment by pulling down the tire at the valve stem and changing the sensor.  This process doesn't break the bead on the tire, therefore, it maintains the factory balance.

Checkout the pages below for our current offerings.  Because we are not able to specifically order sets and can only pick up what is available, our stock levels change often.  Call us if you have any questions. 877-247-2230.

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