Singles, But A Fairly Odd Couple

Singles, But A Fairly Odd Couple

Posted by Kyle Fiveash on Feb 12th 2021

“EZDealin, this is Kyle”
Customer – “Yes, I am looking at the 22-inch gunmetal with chrome insert wheels.”
Kyle – “Ok, do you have a question about those wheels, or would you like to place an order?”
Customer – “Well I just need one wheel. Can you sell me one?”

This is a question we get asked occasionally. While we usually do have the means to sell just one wheel, in most cases we choose not to. We get it, sometime things just happen. You hit a curb, you got in a wreck, you hit a pothole, you had too much fun one night and may or may not have driven through the woods and scratched the finish. If you are looking to replace one wheel and you originally bought the full set from us, then yes, we would be happy to help you get that replacement wheel. But in most cases we encounter, the customer either doesn’t know where their wheels came from, or they are looking to replace OEM wheels.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and making sure that a customer is satisfied from start to finish. And while we would love to help you, we simply can’t sell single wheels that you did not originally buy from us for a few reasons. We have run into issues with the finish being slightly off, the size of the spokes being slightly different, and in some cases the color being completely different then what they thought they had. See the pictures below for examples of these very reasons. You end up with a wheel you can’t use or return.

So, in the event you damage a wheel and don’t know what to do, feel free to give us a call. We would love to help you get a brand-new set. We might even be able to give you a better deal! So next time you have that uh-oh moment and curb your wheel in the Chick Fil A drive thru don’t hesitate to give us a call and go ahead and get you a brand-new full set! Don’t be ashamed, that’s what we do when that Chick Fil A curb gets one of us (not mentioning any names here)!

Two versions of 20” Chrome Honeycomb Replica wheels and the actual 20” OEM Polished Honeycomb

Actual customer’s truck that bought a single replacement wheel from a competitor thinking his wheels were hyper silver (back wheel) when they were actually the darker gunmetal color (front wheel). (He ended up happily buying a whole new set from us)