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Meet the EZDealin Wheels and Tires Experts:

  • Drexel Benton, Owner - 20" Red Milled Snowflake Aftermarket Replicas with Bridgestone AT Tires on his personal GMC AT4 truck
  • Mack Locklear, Wheel & Tire Specialist - Dually Takeoff Wheels and Tires on our Chevy 3500 work truck used to haul our trailer to pick up loads of takeoff wheels and tires
  • Deeann Benton, Company Manager (and Owner's Daughter) - Takeoff 20" Black Elevation with Goodyear AT Tires on her personal GMC Sierra 1500 
  • Kyle Fiveash, Sales Manager - 22" Chrome Seven Split Spoke Replica Wheels with Michelin Tires on his personal Chevy Silverado 1500 
  • Brandon Sanders, Warehouse Manager - 16" 8 Lug Aluminum Replica Wheels with Milestar Patigonia Tires on his personal Chevy 2500
  • Marcianne Benton (Not Pictured), Owner's Wife - Takeoff 20" Gunmetal and Machine RST with Bridgestone Tires on her personal GMC Yukon XL


EZDEALIN, Inc. is owned and operated by Drexel Benton and is run by his daughter, Deeann Benton. This family-based small business provides a level of expertise on fitment, sizing and style for trucks and SUVs that is unsurpassed in this business. The reason we can speak so knowledgably about wheels and tires is because we personally own trucks and SUVs and use our products!

Drexel and Marcianne Benton

Drexel has been involved in the automotive industry for over 50 years, which has included restoring 60's and 70's Mustangs and Shelbys and drag racing with his daughter, Deeann. Drexel served in the Air National Guard for 9 years and served his community in the utility business for almost 40 years. Since the late 1980's, he has been selling new OEM Takeoff Wheels and Tires. With eBay and Craigslist emerging in the late 1990s, Drexel found a way to do some wheeling and dealing online, often staying up late at night to do ads on eBay so that he could ship out sales during the day. This allowed him to grow the business that he started in the shop behind his house. In 2011, he expanded the items he offered to include Replica Wheels and Replica Wheel and Tire Packages. 

Deeann and Drexel drag racing in the 90's

The business expanded to a retail store in 2014, offering a unique opportunity for buyers to see a display of over 50 sets of wheels and tires, mounted and balanced ready for installation or shipping. Convenient to find, EZDEALIN Wheels & Tires is located right off Hwy 319 North on 114 Commerce Park Drive, Thomasville, GA 31757 near several auto dealerships. Customers can wait for their vehicle in our comfortable waiting room.  We have discovered that a store uniquely catering to wheel and tire displays and selections on the level we are offering at EZDEALIN Wheels & Tires, is something rarely found and much sought after.

Exciting news in 2015 for EZDEALIN wheels & tires was the new addition of our shipping center and warehouse for inventory and installation. Our business continues to increase as we enlarge our operating space and add more exposure of our new product lines through our expanded marketing. By broadening our original base, we can add a new line featuring more Ford style F150 wheels, as well as, more of the GM (Chevy and GMC) 1500 and 2500 truck wheels and rims. We are able to carry a variety of tire brands with sizes to fit our inventory and give us the ability to service local customers as well as ship our online special orders faster.

Our 20,000 sq. ft. of storage allows us to stock a huge inventory offering a variety of wheel styles with lots of in-stock tire options.  Whether we ship nationwide or sell locally, we have what you want when you want it. Our well trained and experienced staff are dedicated to customer satisfaction, a proven fact by our continued repeat and referral customers. EZDEALIN wheels & tires has the ability to mount and balance the sets of wheels and tires purchased. A buyer can choose one of the many new  wheels and tires in inventory to upgrade their truck or SUV, then have them mounted on their vehicle quickly. EZDEALIN offers styles in sizes from 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch wheels with more arriving and new displays set up often. 

Our eBay ID is now dbwheelsandtires. DB Wheels and Tires, which is owned by Deeann, and provides the same level of customer service and satisfaction in our vast inventory selection.  

EZDEALIN is very proud of the customer satisfaction level we have achieved. We take pride in excellent reputation received by EZDEALIN. We appreciate the many personal referrals and repeat customers calling or returning to our store. EZDEALIN has several valued team members. EZDEALIN Wheels & Tires staff cares about the job well done. There's a saying we try to live by..."Our customers rely on our knowledge and experience, but don't care if we know everything there is to know about wheels and tires unless they know that we care about them." Our customer satisfaction rating, the growth in our e-commerce business, as well as, our local market has built our reputation for a higher level of service and our success.

Deeann and Drexel

Deeann and her three daughters

"I've been involved in all things automotive since owning my first Mustang as a teenager, through restoring several Shelby and Mustangs, then drag racing for several years, and owning several Harley Davidson motorcycles to now devoting my time and energy to building a successful wheel and tire business through retail and e-commerce online. My passion is seeing people happy with what they bought from me. My love is my 3 granddaughters and my wife of over 50 years and our 2 daughters.

I am committed to growing and expanding the business of selling wheels and tire packages and automotive accessories by being able to offer them through eBay, our website and having EZDEALIN Wheels and Tires retail location. Being able to offer a large selection of my inventory displayed in showrooms is a goal realized.

My mission is to give extraordinary customer service and value. Opening the retail store and moving forward with the business has been a step of faith, but I am a blessed man and up to the challenge." Drexel Benton, Owner

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