Summer Vacation – Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Summer Vacation – Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Posted by Kyle Fiveash on Jun 1st 2018

The sweet smells of summertime are in the air. Schools are getting out for the summer, pools are warming up, and families are preparing for summer vacations. Beaches, amusement parks, and alluring cities across the United States are attracting 51% of Americans that plan to take a vacation in 2018. Months of planning, saving, and preparing could all be ruined with one simple thing you overlooked before you set off to your destination.

Your house is set for vacation, your dogs are boarded, the SUV is packed, the gas tank is full, and your tires are bald. Americans spend a total of $100 billion dollars on vacations each year. That could leave little extra money for a very important part of your vacation, your tires. A flat tire can put a stop to any vacation before it can get started.

What To Check?

Before embarking on your next grand adventure be sure to check each tire. Start by checking the tire pressure. Be sure the tire pressure is within specs of what the suggested air pressure is on the sidewall of the tire. Next check the tread depth of your tires. One simple at-home way to check your tread depth is with a penny. Get your penny, that is so conveniently sitting in your cup holder, and place it in your tire tread with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, then your tread depth is less than 2/32 inch and it is time to replace your tires. Next look your tires over for uneven wear, cuts, or abnormal spots.

If You Have A Problem?

If you see anything that may be a problem, it may be time for repair or even replacement. In a national survey, 50% of Americans claimed that a flat tire would be the fastest way to ruin a vacation. The other 50% claimed a wreck would be. Both are bad and could leave you stranded. So, don’t be that person on the side of the road wishing they replaced those tires. In many cases for trucks and SUV’s, EZDealin has new takeoff wheel and tire packages that are equal to the cost of a replacement set of tires. Give us a call today, 877-247-2230, to see if we have anything compatible with your vehicle and feel confident riding in style.